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Women’s Support Group in Gibsons

Transform your Relationship with Your Self

 What if your body, mind and soul are trying to get your attention, to give you some messages and wisdom? What if your thoughts, beliefs and mindset are ready to be investigated and updated?

Join Sandy and a small group of women this summer as we delve into who we are and what we want.

There is something wonderful that happens in a supportive group environment. Mostly it about providing hope and support, along with a healthy dose of laughter and sharing. We learn that we are not the only ones struggling in our lives and our relationships. It can be a big relief to discover that there are some universal struggles that we all share. For example, there are three universal false self-beliefs: I’m not enough, I’m not lovable and I’m not worthy. In a nurturing group environment, we learn to challenge and investigate these negative self-beliefs, and discover that we are not alone. Our self-esteem gets a boost, as we celebrate each other’s progress and learn greater self-acceptance. 

The fast pace of our lives means there is little time left in a day to be in touch with how we are feeling or to reflect on the big picture of where we are at in our lives. We tend to focus the majority of our attention outwards, on what others seem to need and want us to do and be. We can be very hard on ourselves if we do not live up to expectations.

Why not take an evening for yourself once a week, and see what happens?

 If you are ready to explore what’s really going on with you, in a fun and supportive group environment, then please join us! 

Contact Sandy to find out if this group would be of benefit to you.

Dates: 6 Tuesdays starting July 2, 2019

Times: 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Location: Glen Road, Gibsons


Cost $180 for 6 weekly sessions