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Helping Clients Gain Clarity and Strength

“My clients describe me as warm, empathetic and easy to talk to. I love it when people realize that they have the power and the ability to create change in their lives!”

Sandy Kirkwood, MACP, RPC


Your Choice of Location

  • Secure online video counselling through Zoom or telephone counselling
  • Glen Road, Gibsons, BC
  • Or as a gentle walk in nature, in a beautiful outdoor setting. This is called a Walking Counselling session.

Why Walking Counselling?

Ecotherapy is an emerging field that combines counselling with being outdoors, and has been shown to benefit mental health. Walking outdoors with a qualified counsellor can help you to relax and access more of your whole-brain creative insights. Walking and breathing deeply can reduce the anxiety or stress that sometimes accompanies counselling sessions in a more formal setting. Walking also releases endorphins that can boost your mood and give you a better baseline from which to tackle your issues. Walking with a counsellor in a beautiful natural setting is geared to your fitness level.

About Counselling

     Sometimes, by the time you get to counselling, you have already tried many different things and you may be feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced. My role is to help you to tune into your own wisdom and to help you to find solutions that will work in your life.
     You may be in a difficult or complex situation, but so much depends on how you are viewing that situation and what tools, resources and supports you have. You may be stuck in a pattern or way of thinking that is not serving you. My role is to help you to see other possibilities and empower you to move towards the goals of your choosing.

     Sandy holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Professional Counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (#3602). Sandy provides counselling to adolescents and adults.

Sandy is a trained facilitator in Connect Parenting, Kids in the Know and MindUp. She regularly runs a Women’s Support Group.

Rates and Offers

Standard hourly rate $100

Sliding scale and student rates available

Call Sandy at 778-719-6671 or email to set up an appointment or please fill in the form below.

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