Professional Counselling Supervision Services

About Sandy Kirkwood, BCACC Approved Clinical Supervisor

I offer clinical supervision and consultation to individuals and small groups of beginning, intermediate and experienced counselling professionals. With over 1000 hours of providing supervision and clinical consultation, I have found that most of my new clients come from referrals from past supervisees, the highest compliment of all. My philosophy is that we are stronger therapists when we keep doing our own reflection and personal work. We can do that within a supportive safe space, where we feel comfortable to share, brainstorm and come away with new perspectives and practical ideas to use with clients. My goal is to support you to build confidence in your own clinical judgment and and to help counter feelings of overwhelm, self-doubt and imposter syndrome that can be very common when starting out.

Four Choices of Supervision Formats

Choose the Supervision format that works best for you. All sessions are online.

Individual Clinical Supervision/Consultation

Experience one-on-one personalized guidance with Sandy through online clinical supervision. $150 per hour.

Paired Supervision/Consultation Dyad

Experience focused collaboration and individual attention in a paired dyadic session. Perfect for a deep dive into your counselling practice. Great to take with a classmate or colleague. $75 per hour per participant, $150 each for a 2-hour session.

Group Supervision/Consultation for 3 – 4 participants

Accelerate your personal and professional growth through shared learning, peer support, and mutual feedback in a supportive online group setting. Each session is designed for 3 to 4 participants. $75 per hour per participant, $150 each for a 2-hour session.

Group Participation without Case Presentation

If you prefer to learn from group discussions without presenting your own cases, the group participation option is ideal. Gain valuable insights and indirect supervision hours. $50 per hour, $100 per 2-hour session.

Accreditation and Resources

After each session, I provides a comprehensive log of hours and topics covered, along with a wealth of resources. If you’re seeking references for accrediting agencies such as the BCACC or CCPA, I am happy to assist, provided requirements are met.

Elevate Your Counselling Practice

Contact Sandy today to find a session that matches your needs. Supervision Groups are scheduled on a rolling basis with flexible dates and times.

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